Switch off the lights with Friends of Merlin Woods for Earth Hour Galway

Galway Daily news Friends of Merlin Woods is inviting people out for Earth Hour Galway this weekend

The Friends of Merlin Woods are inviting the people of Galway to join them for the worldwide Earth Hour this weekend.

Earth Hour is a global movement organised by the World Wildlife Fund that sees people switch off the lights for one hour and plunge the area into symbolic darkness to highlight climate change.

People come out at the same local time to highlight how much we rely on our planet’s largesse in our lives, and the extent to which climate change threatens those systems.

Friends of Merlin Woods are organising Earth Hour Galway for this Saturday, March 30 at the roundabout in Merlin Woods from 8:30pm – 9:30pm

“Nature not only provides us with all the things we need to live, from the air we breathe to the water we drink, and from the shelter we need to the economy we rely on – but also makes our lives better,” Caroline Stanley of the Friends of Merlin Woods said.

“However, its growing loss puts this all under threat. For the past 10 years, people around the world have come together every Earth Hour to support efforts to tackle climate change.”

“And, together, we have created a powerful movement that helped deliver strong global commitments to tackling this threat.”

“Climate change remains a big challenge for us all. But another urgent threat now demands our attention: the loss of nature. These two combined threats mean we must act – and now.”

This will be a family friendly meet up with music and good company, and the NUIG Astronomy club will be out for some star gazing (Galway weather permitting).

Since starting in 2007 Earth Hour has grown to become the world’s largest grassroots movement for the environment with individuals, groups, and businesses across 180 countries and territories taking part.

“From our forests to our oceans, we have achieved many amazing things for our climate and its biodiversity showing us that together, anything is possible.”


photo credit: Caroline Stanley