Drunk man told arresting Garda he’d have him shot by the CIA

Galway Daily courts Man receives jail sentence for racial abuse

Gardaí often have to deal with abuse from people they’re arresting, but one drunk man’s threats got a little far fetched when he told the officer he’d get the CIA to shoot him.

Ciaran Higgins (30), of Ballymore in County Westmeath was supposed to appear before Galway District Court this week on charges of being drunk in public and threatening and abusive behaviour.

Mr Higgins didn’t show up at court in answer to the summons, but the hearing went ahead in his absence.

Garda Gerard Dunne said that on September 1 of this year he was on Dominick Street when he observed Higgins acting aggressively with door staff.

The Garda told the District Court that the defendant shouted “I’ll fucking sort you out. You won’t fucking stop me” at them.

While Garda Dunne was arresting him for public order charges he became aggressive with the officer, telling him that “he was going to get the CIA to shoot me”.

Garda Dunne added that Mr Higgins was very drunk at the time of this incident.

Mr Higgins has 31 previous convictions including four assault convictions the court heard.

Judge Mary Fahy convicted him on the public order charges and issued a bench warrant for his arrest for sentencing.