Anti-social behaviour complaints “way above norm” Mayor Cubbard says

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The level of anti-social behaviour complaints being made in recent weeks is “way above norm” says Galway City Mayor Mike Cubbard, who says he has received many calls and messages about this issue recently.

Mayor Cubbard said that a small number of people are causing “a huge amount of heartache” around the city, and that official responses haven’t been good enough.

“I am sick and tired raising this issue. I am sick and tired of the excuses given and I am sick and tired of a minority of people believing they can take over an entire estate or area,” Mayor Cubbard said in a recent post on Facebook.

He condemned the behaviour of people who act as though they can, “do as they please whilst thousands more wait on a housing list for a glimmer of hope that they will get their family home someday.”

Mayor Cubbard was highly critical of the response to anti-social behaviour by both the city council and An Garda Síochána.

He said that some of the council’s responses have been “terrible” when trying to address the issue of anti-social behaviour.

“Let’s bring out a new handbook being the most ridiculous ~ akin to what about another mass in Fr. Ted when Doughal was on the milk float!”

“Not being able to install CCTV as there are GDPR issues when identifying criminals being another!”

While not as harsh as he was towards the council, Mayor Cubbard said the Garda response to the issue has been “inconsistent”, and that he has raised this issue with Garda management.

“It is not good enough for mill street to tell a concerned resident that ‘they are busy’,” Mike Cubbard added.

This is an issue across all areas of the city, Mayor Cubbard said, concluding that he would shortly be proposing a “robust debate” on the issue for the full council.

Anti Social Behaviour The number of calls and messages I have received in recent weeks is way above the norm. A small…

Posted by Mayor Mike Cubbard on Saturday, September 5, 2020