Decrease in COVID-19 cases in ICU, latest figures show

galway daily icu covid-19 cases

Despite the high number of new coronavirus cases reported yesterday, the number of people with the disease in Intensive Care Units has decrease over the past 24 hours.

There are now six people with COVID-19 in ICU – one person fewer than yesterday.

Overall there are 49 confirmed cases in hospital after six people were admitted to hospital over the last 24 hours.

Three people were also discharged from hospitals since yesterday.

COVID-19 Confirmed Cases in ICU from March to September 6th

The highest number of COVID patients in ICU was recorded on 10 and 11 April, with 155 cases in critical care across Irish hospitals.

Since 12 July, the total number of people in ICU with COVID has been less than 10, and it has not been less than 4 since March.

In mid-April there were 881 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in hospitals in the Republic and by the end of July, there were just 6 people in hospitals.

In the past 24 hours, 11,185 tests have been carried out, and 64,942 tests in the last week.

Just 1.3% of these tests were positive while 3.7% of all tests carried out in the state have been positive.

Positive Rate (%) All Tests

NPHET confirmed 231 new cases yesterday, but the number of confirmed and possible COVID-19 deaths remains 1,777.