UHG consultant warns of challenge to ICU care if hospitalisations keep rising

Galway daily news COVID-19 cases more than double at UHG

An ICU consultant doctor at University Hospital Galway has warned that an increase in hospital admissions for COVID-19 could make it difficult to deliver proper Intensive Care when they are already dealing with regular medical crises.

Dr Kevin Clarkson, Consultant in Intensive Care Medicine at UHG, said that there has been a “very major increase” in COVID-19 within the community in Galway recently.

“This is now beginning to translate into significant numbers of hospital admissions. We will be very challenged to care for you in intensive care medicine if the hospital is further overwhelmed,” Dr Clarkson warned.

The unit is already extremely busy with ordinary diseases that present there regularly such as heart failure, pneumonia, stroke, and heart attacks he said.

One in six people will require intensive care treatment at some point in their life, Dr Clarkson said, adding that these situations are invariably in an “very unplanned” basis.

“I do not want to be in a position where I am overwhelmed and unable to give you the care that you or your family member need.”

The latest figures show that there are ten people hospitalised at University Hospital Galway with COVID-19, none of whom are currently in the ICU.

There were a further 60 confirmed COVID-19 cases reported in Galway on Monday, out of 1,031 cases nationwide.

From midnight on Wednesday, all of Ireland will be moving into Level 5 lockdown

“It is up to you as a member of your community to take responsibility to maintain your social distance, to minimise your social contacts, to wash your hands, and to wear a mask. It is up to us as individuals, responsible individuals, to take care and each other.”