No change in number of COVID deaths in Galway in latest data

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The overall number of people who have died from COVID-19 in Galway has remained unchanged in the latest data from the CSO.

There has been a total of 121 deaths from COVID-19 in Galway since the start of the pandemic as of April 30 – the same figure which was recorded two weeks previously on April 16.

The median age of the COVID deaths in Galway was 82 years, while the median age of the 10,426 confirmed cases at the end of April was 31 – the lowest median age of any county in Ireland.

Nationally, ten deaths from the disease were recorded in the week ending 30 April as well as 2,737 new confirmed cases.

The data also revealed that the percentage of cases over the age of 65 fell from 18% in the week ending 29 January to just 4% in the week ending 30 April.

Throughout the pandemic, most deaths have occurred in the older age groups and in the last week of April, 70% of deaths were in people aged 65 years and over. No county recorded more than five deaths during the week ending 30 April.

One additional death related to COVID-19 was reported by the Department of Health yesterday evening, along with 408 new cases of the disease nationally.