COPE Galway launches safety leaflet for victims of domestic abuse

Galway Daily news Campaign assures victims of domestic abuse that services are 'Still Here' over Christmas

COPE Galway have released a new leaflet “Staying Safe, Getting Out” to help women experiencing domestic abuse to plan for their safety.

This new leaflet comes at the end of 16 day campaign by COPE tackling some of the myths and misconceptions that have sprung up around domestic abuse.

Staying Safe, Getting Out” offers advice to women about escaping from abusive relationships, and tips on planning for your safety in those relationships.

Some of the tips include saving the number of the local police station or domestic abuse services on your phones under a different name.

It also advises people to put some money aside and keep a second set of keys and your important documents on hand.

Dr Carol Baumann, Manager of COPE Galway’s Domestic Abuse Service explains that domestic abuse doesn’t always come with a blow.

“Sometimes it’s about control; it isn’t something that happens to poor people, or in ‘some’ cultures: it can happen to any woman.”

One-in-five women in Ireland will be abused by a partner at some point in their lives, which is why women need resources to help them out of abusive situations.

If you feel you’re in imminent danger COPE advises avoiding a confrontation and moving towards the nearest exit.

Avoid rooms with potential weapons that an abuser could use, the kitchen or garage, and don’t lock yourself in a room where there is not other escape.

“It’s there on our website to assist a woman to plan for her safety in an abusive situation,” she said.

“The leaflet is also for each of us who might know this woman and who might be in a position to help her by giving her useful information and helping her put a plan in place.”

The full leaflet and all the advice therein is up on COPE’s website and social media channels.

if you or someone you know is experiencing domestic abuse or is affected by any of the issues mentioned above phone COPE Galway Domestic Abuse Service at 091 565 985 (open 24hrs).