NUI Galway reveals which degrees increased in points this year

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NUI Galway has seen a significant increase in points this year with the number of courses over 500 points almost doubling since 2018.

CAO offers, out earlier this afternoon, have highlighted the interests of the class of 2019, with Law and STEM subjects at NUI Galway remaining popular.

Points for all engineering courses at the University increased this year as the demand for courses in STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) continues to increase.

The largest increases in points were in Civil Engineering, Electronic and Computer Engineering, Biopharmaceutical Chemistry and Energy Systems Engineering.

Outside of the STEM subjects, Podiatric Medicine, a health sciences degree, increased by a massive 43 points to 434 CAO points.

Interest in all Law programmes at NUI Galway also increased significantly, including the new Law and Human Rights degree for 2019 coming in at 510 CAO points.

NUI Galway programmes which have seen the greatest year-on-year increases in points include Civil Engineering, Electronic and Computer Engineering, Biopharmaceutical Chemistry and Energy Systems Engineering.

Meanwhile, there was continued high demand for both Biomedical Science (533 points) and Biomedical Engineering (519 points).

NUI Galway’s strength and reputation in Biosciences is also reflected with continued high demand for both Biomedical Science (533 points) and Biomedical Engineering (519 points).

Science programmes which experienced significant increases in CAO cut off points include Biotechnology (473 CAO points) and Biopharmaceutical Chemistry (510 CAO points).

The flagship business degree BComm (Global Experience) continues to attract high demand, cutting off at 509 CAO points.

NUI Galway’s Student Recruitment and Outreach Manager, Sarah Geraghty said: “NUI Galway has seen significant increases in CAO points reflecting a continued growth in interest in the University and its programmes.

“The number of courses commanding in excess of 500 CAO points at NUI Galway has almost doubled since last year.

“This year’s choices indicate an increased interest in careers in the technology and innovation sector, with MedTech courses proving particularly popular.

“The demand for NUI Galway’s new programmes, Law and Human Rights and Government (Politics, Economics and Law), provide evidence of demand for courses leading to careers where graduates can have a powerful and positive impact on the world around them.”

Ms Geraghty continued: “We are conscious that students are faced with big decisions as they move to third level, and a dedicated first year student hotline is now open to help with queries about college life at NUI Galway.”

Students who achieved the CAO points for an undergraduate engineering degree course at NUI Galway but who have not met the obligatory maths requirement have the opportunity to take a Maths qualifying exam on August 20th.