Call for Coca Cola bike rental scheme to expand to Salthill and Knocknacarra

Galway Daily news Call for Coca Cola Bike Rental scheme to be expanded into Dogughiska and Roscam

A City Councillor is calling for the Coca Cola bike rental scheme to be expanded to Salthill and Knocknacarra to improve social distancing transport options.

The Coca Cola Bike rental programme currently has 22 stations in Galway City, with a total of 195 bikes to rent.

But the vast majority of these are clustered around the city centre, with only a few further out such as one each in Westside, Dangan, and Mervue.

City Councillor Clodagh Higgins said that “given social distancing will remain in place
for sometime” it’s vital to expand transport options as people return to work.

“We therefore, must provide transport solutions to people who have to commute to work in
our city so we can make the place accessible for all”.

The Fine Gael councillor said she believes people will “not be confident” about travelling on public transport for some time, so it is crucial to offer sustainable alternatives.

As part of the expanded health advice that came with Phase 1 of easing Covid-19 restrictions, people are being advised to wear face coverings in situations where social distancing is more difficult, such as on public transport.

Given Salthill and Knocknacarra’s proximity to the city centre and the numbers living in this area, I believe the scheme will be well utilised and will deliver health benefits and great value for investment.”

“This will leave a lasting and positive legacy on our areas, well beyond this pandemic” Councillor Higgins concluded.

The Coca Cola Bike Rental service operates from 5am to 12:30am, seven days a week. People subscribe to the service, and choose the stand they wish to take a bike from to receive the lock code, and can return it to any available stand.