Galwegians are being ‘forced’ to dump rubbish illegally

Galway Daily news Galway TD calls for impounding of vehicles used in illegal dumping

Galwegians are being ‘forced to dump their rubbish illegally’ due to bin companies holding customers at ransom with increased rates.

That is the view of local election candidate Joe Loughnane, who says that disposing of rubbish correctly is becoming a privilege.

Mr Loughnane says that the city’s refuse services must be brought back into public control and ownership as it’s no coincidence that the rise in fly-tipping and illegal dumping correlates to the privatisation of bin services.

Joe Loughnane commented: “The practice of disposing of your rubbish ‘correctly’ is becoming a privilege. Private refuse companies are holding customers at ransom with increased rates.

“More and more Galwegians are being forced to dump their rubbish illegally.

“We need a rake of changes at Council level to deal with this crisis.

“The first step would be to bring the service back under the full control of the Council.

“We needs more public bins installed across the city to stop unsightly overflowing and we should directly employ Park Wardens to maintain the upkeep of our public parks which are often used as dumping grounds.”