21 flights will arrive at Dublin Airport tomorrow – but from where?

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As the government considers introducing mandatory quarantine for people arriving at airports in the Republic without a negative COVID test, over 20 planes will arrive at Dublin Airport tomorrow from across Europe, the USA and the Middle East.

Over the next 24 hours, five flights from both Amsterdam and London will arrive in Dublin.

This evening, planes will arrive from Málaga, Lanzarote, Paris and Budapest as well as Amsterdam and London.

Early tomorrow morning, two Aer Lingus flights from New York and Chicago will land in Dublin, along with a United Airlines flight from New Jersey.

Thirteen passenger planes will arrive from across Europe tomorrow, with a total of four flights scheduled from London.

Dublin Airport will also be the destination of planes departing Lisbon, Frankfurt, Fuerteventura and Helsinki.

Arrivals at Dublin Airport tomorrow, Tuesday 26 January

05:30 New York – Aer Lingus 

06:00 Chicago – Aer Lingus

06:10 Doha – Qatar Airways

07:00 Newark – United Airlines

08:30 Kerry – Aer Lingus

08:50 Donegal – Aer Lingus

09:00 Helsinki – Finnair

09:50 London – Ryanair

10:05 London – Ryanair

11:10 Amsterdam – Aer Lingus

11:20 London – Aer Lingus

11:40 Cluj – Blue Air

12:40 Amsterdam – Klm Royal Dutch Airlines

15:00 Donegal – Aer Lingus

15:10 Kerry – Aer Lingus

15:10 Lisbon Tap Air Portugal

15:45 Frankfurt – Lufthansa 

22:00 Amsterdam – Klm Royal Dutch Airlines

22:05 London – Aer Lingus

22:20 Chisinau – Air Moldova

23:10 Fuerteventura – Ryanair