Top tips for looking after your health at the Christmas feast

Galway Daily life & style Croí Heart & Stroke Charity give tips for looking after your health with Christmas feasting

It’s a common part of Christmas for people to pile up the feasts for family and friends over the season.

While no-one is explicitly saying you can’t tuck into the third pudding, there are ways to enjoy great meals without taking in enough calories to hibernate through to summer.

Croí Heart and Stroke Charity have put together a few tips for people who want to chow down with desecrating the temple that is themselves.

1. Fill up on Fruit and Vegetables

Enjoy the many fresh products of the earth that are in season over Christmas including brussel sprouts, parsnips, sweet potato, satsumas, cranberries and other favourites.

On top of going great in many dishes these are bursting with with a plentiful supply of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

You’ll be grateful for all those when it comes time to do battle with winter bugs and infections.

Many are also high in fibre, keeping you feeling full longer and away from the third round of mice pies.

2. Less Sugar and More Spice in all things Nice

Instead of loading up on the white gold, replace it in your cooking with some Christmas spices like ginger & cinnamon.

These bring out fabulous flavours in your dishes and can even help soothe digestive upsets.

3. Cut Down on Portion Sizes

Many of the centrepieces of the traditional Christmas dinner are actually quite lean such as Turkey.

What really comes round to bite you is the dressings, the sauces, and the constant urge to go back for just one more helping.

Get a smaller plate, and don’t even feel obliged to leave it clean enough to eat off.

This part might sound like sports advice, but remember to pace yourself.

Don’t be halfway through another portion before your body catches up and tells you that last one was the limit.

4. Stay Active

This might be that time of year where people finally have a break from work, or have just finished exams, but that doesn’t mean you should curl up with a bowl for three weeks.

Go for walks, meet up with friends and family for energetic activities, and remember kids and pets need exercise too.

5. Sleep it Off

This can be an exhausting time, and when you’re tired, you’re more likely to sit around and eat something deliciously terrible.

Make sure you get your zzzz’s so your body is ready for another round the following day.