Restored Baboró sculpture unveiled in city park

Photo by Andrew Downes, XPOSURE

Galway City Council recently unveiled the newly repaired Baboró Public Sculpture in the Children’s Millennium Park, inviting children and the young at heart to visit.

The sculpture was created in 2006 to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Baboró International Arts Festival for Children, which comes to Galway each October.

The new repairs include replacement of the original glass panels with colourful resin with a theme of ‘wilding’, in response to the new rewilding project currently taking place in Millennium Park.

Also installed were four lights embedded in the ground, to showcase the colourful sculpture at night.

The façade of the sculpture was sandblasted to restore the stone to its original glory, and features like the lettering were repainted.

“It’s a delight to see this captivating sculpture restored to its former glory, with the resin panels glowing when the sun shines through them,” said Sharon Connolly, Acting Director of Services with Galway City Council.

“Each resin panel has a natural element embedded within them, from ferns, to daisies and poppies – young and old will enjoy engaging with this lovely piece”.

26/09/2022 Repro free: The Babaró Public Sculpture in the Children’s Millennium Park restored by Galway City council with the help of visual artist and vocalist Ceara Conway and stone sculptor Mick Wilkins;. Photo by Andrew Downes, XPOSURE

Visual artist and vocalist Ceara Conway created the original pieces, working with stone sculptor Mick Wilkins.

The designs in the original fused glass panels were inspired by children’s visual art workshops.

It also features the cut out negative space of a silhouette of the small girl, which over the years became a feature that children walk through and squeeze themselves into.

Over time, the glass panels were vandalised and removed, with children on the Baboró Children’s Advisory Council making suggestions on the theme of the replacement resin panels.

Visitors to the park will be treated to a visual display of an array of seasonal blooms forming ‘rooms’ of flowers, which create a stunning colourful space.

That’s in addition to the playground with a new sand digging area, a skate park, seating, walks, and accessible toilet facilities.