One in five people says coffee helps their love life

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Wine can move over as the favoured drink of romance as one in five people say that coffee give a boost to their libido according to a survey.

That little shot of caffeine has an even better medicinal effect on the older generation, with over a quarter of people aged 55 – 64 saying that coffee has a positive effect on their love life.

DID Electrical carried out a survey of 500 Irish people and found that 63% drink at least two coffees a day.

That’s a lot of java being knocked back, which makes it worrying that 65 percent of people sad that they never use a reusable cup and 16 percent say that they only do ‘sometimes’.

here is a greater tendency towards using a reusable cup among younger people. 40 percent of 18-44-year olds report using a reusable container, but that number drops to 28 percent for 44-55-year olds and drops again to 21 percent for over 55-year olds.

In an age when a dozen new concoctions that are tangentially based on coffee spring up every week the regular americano remains the most popular order with 33 percent favouring it.

However younger people are more likely to favour some breed of cappuccino, and nearly half of 45 – 64 year olds find the range of coffees on offer today confusing.

And while it often seems as if every second business on the street is a café or coffee shop, people are still clearly favouring their home brew, with almost 75 percent of respondents saying that the buy no more than two drinks a week in a café or shop.

Ken Fox, Managing Director of DID Electrical said  “We love our coffee here in Ireland, but interestingly, most of it is made in our own workplaces and homes instead of in cafés.”

“Our customers tend to start with pod coffee machines and as they become more aware of brewing techniques, they progress to pump machines and into bean to cup machines and become more confident in being their own baristas.”