Galway Hospitality Group makes eating out easy for people with communication difficulties

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A local hospitality group has introduced communication friendly menus at their cafés, restaurants, and coffee shops to make ordering an easier experience for people with communication difficulties.

The Tribe Hospitality Group, which operates 7 locations in the city have designed and launched a communication friendly menu at eateries like Saol Cafe, Mr Waffle and Ground and Co in Salthill.

The menus are designed to make simple tasks like ordering a coffee easier for anyone with communication difficulties.

Niamh Gallagher of Tribe Hospitality Group states quite simply, “The way we see it is, everyone has the right to order what they want.”

People with communication difficulties could be individuals recovering from a stroke, Down syndrome, stutters and many more communication difficulties. 

The menus were designed in partnership with the Communication Awareness Programme at NUIG, who have been working with Tribe since 2018.

They provide staff training once a year, and Tribe have also been working with Galway Autism Partnership on this project.

The Tribe Hospitality Group is made up of Mr Waffle, Ground + Co, Baby Ground + Co, Delight, Saol Café and The Galway Plate restaurant.

Tribe Hospitality Group employs 100 people in Galway and its eateries and cafes are a firm part of Galway life.

However, the success of this company is down to more than hospitality. The investment in all staff and a clear career progression plan has seen the company grow 70% in the last 3 years.  

In 2019 Tribe Hospitality Group achieved a quality mark signifying it meets the highest standards of service and trust, the All-Ireland Business All-Star accreditation.