Galway students’ unique takeaway habits revealed by Just Eat

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Chinese food is still the go-to for students in the West with over half of students choosing their favourite Chinese when ordering, according to new Just Eat data.

Galway students place more burger orders than anywhere in the country though, making up 20% of orders from ATU Galway students. 

The research shows University of Galway students prefer pizza and three quarters of student orders take place between 4pm and 11pm.

The top three restaurants for ATU Galway students are China Court, Apache Kebab & Milkshake, Terryland and Supermacs, Tuam Road.

And for University of Galway students, their top three choices are Boojum, Yummy Wok and King Ding.

University of Galway students are also the biggest late-night eaters in the land, with almost one in five students at the university ordering between 11pm and 6am.

Sundays are Galway students’ favourite day to treat themselves to a delivery, with 18% of students placing orders as the weekend comes to a close.

Commenting on the findings, John Carey from Just Eat said that what is interesting is how cuisine choices vary depending on the student area.

“While Galway students share a love of Chinese takeaway with other parts of the country, something that is unique to the area is their love of burgers!

“GMIT students order 13% more burgers than anywhere else in the country! NUIG students are also the biggest late night snackers in the country with 19% placing an order after 11pm.”

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