Darren’s Diary – Kicking The Habit (Day 4) – Friday, 23rd February 


I’ll be honest.  Today was tough.  The toughest so far!  I didn’t cave in or anything like that.  But it was the first day that little synchronized singing Carrolls were serenading me on the laptop and temptation raised its ugly head.  But thankfully, I passed this first test and feel better for it. 

The day started as good as usual.  Got up this morning, did the turf, finished the dishes, brought Kate to school, and then did a few errands in town.

Had a lovely chat with Kitty Tuohy in Ballinasloe Credit Union and we chatted about the old days drinking in the Usual.  I was so glad to hear she was now 10 years off the cigarettes and the chats and messages have been brilliant as one can easily take strength from hearing how others get on.


(Some of the gang after our Pyjamas Party in 2008.  I’ll be killed for putting this picture up :))

Mondays and Fridays are computer days as even though we’re blessed to commentate and report on matches, that’s only part of the job.  You have to do the homework!  Like studying for the English Leaving Certificate, you want to have that extra bit of information just incase it’s needed.

In all likelihood about 2%, as my old teacher Michael Lally in Garbally College would say, will be required but if you don’t have it all covered, you could be found wanting.

But sitting at a computer gives the mind time to wander.  I didn’t start this challenge on Monday because I had a packet to finish.  As stupid as it sounds, it was ‘waste not, want not.’

I was kept busy looking forward to Galway United’s match tonight, the schools hurling finals on Saturday and Galway camogie’s trip to Wexford on Sunday.  But the brain was reminiscing on the old habit – Do two pieces, have a fag!  And again!  Ah Go On!

My substitute the last three days was chocolate and biscuits.  That will still be my saving grace for a while but I was determined to have a sweet-free day after pretty much making a pig of myself the last three days.

Stayed in my Mam’s on Tuesday night and I’d say I reminded her of my childhood days looking for a treat any chance I got.  My Mam is the best and while she is quick to give her opinion (she’s always right even if I never admit it 😀), she’ll never leave me wanting and knew her chocolate supplies were taking a hit.

In Sinead’s last night, my munching requirements were also on the agenda and was well treated to custard and bourbon creams on request.  Did try and battle the five-year-old for a Seal Bar and Milkyway (I lost 😀).  But compensated my other cravings with my beloved sweet tooth.

Don’t get me wrong, will probably attack a packet of Hob Nobs or some doughnuts over the weekend.  But did feel it was probably a day to give that a rest.  No point treating one problem with another.  And coupled with my determination not be a Nicorette chewing maniac, was tough for a few hours earlier.

But I didn’t smoke!  And didn’t want to!  I did eventually concede to the Nicorette but if I can keep it to two or three a day at present, I’ll take that.  And I have a busy weekend I’m looking forward to.  So yes, this diary and the amazing support has got me over my own first hurdle.

The way the phone has been hopping, you’d know there’s an All-Ireland Final around the corner and after visiting Athenry on Tuesday, I’ll join the Sarsfields camogie team tomorrow.  Then two big schools finals in Ballinasloe (it’s great to be back in the Duggan Park!) and dinner with Sinead to cap off the day.

And on Sunday, definitely the biggest camogie match of the year as Galway take on Wexford for a place in the league semi-finals.  And with Wexford facing Clare in the hurling beforehand (Davy Fitz against his old county), going be a very good day 🙂

There’ll be no pub this weekend.  Wasn’t plans for one anyway but don’t think I’m there yet.  Couple of weeks away from the sauce will do no harm at all.  A lot of action and a lot happening and I look forward to sharing it all with you.