Darren’s Diary – Kicking The Habit (Day 37) – Wednesday, 28th March 


Well my arrogance yesterday is definitely getting the better of me today.  It looks like the mild cravings I was dismissing in Tuesday’s entry have decided to strike back and have being an irritation today. 

No, I haven’t been punching walls or firing out wild mood swings (well, the slow internet did get one or two shouts).  But they’ve been testing my metal today.

I haven’t had Nicorettes and I’m not running to the shop to get Wrigleys every time I’ve a craving.  We’ve chess tonight and I’ll get some then.  But they cravings have been annoying me.


There was one thing I meant to write about for some time and that was my extra tiredness especially at night time but it’s the stand out feature from the last five weeks.

Maybe it’s just to do with the fact that I’m used to going to bed at a decent hour now (Oh how many a boss tried to encourage me to that over the years).  But in recent weeks, I’ve found myself really struggling and I have the light out very quickly.

Also, my deep sleep (bar the starting to become habitual overnight toilets breaks) is still there in the morning where the last thing I want is to move from my comfortable state.  I’m grand when I sit up aor get out of bed.  But I have noticed I do get tired very quickly in the evening.

Of course, it might have nothing to do with giving up cigarettes and it could be just coming off the back of another crazy weekend.  We did a lot of miles last weekend but so far, just a trek to Clonberne on Sunday is planned.  Now that could change.  But a reduced Bank Holiday workout will be no harm.

It’s our first night back at chess since Friday’s disappointment but Easter weeks tend to be relaxed.  If anything, we get more work done.  But with competition over, it loses its spark.  We’ll still be training and club championship will resume after the holidays.  But thoughts have turned to next season.

We’ve a great club with 47 children participating.  The numbers have never been higher.  But bar a few individual successes, we’ve no titles to show for the year.  Five main teams drew a blank.  It’s our second year without winning overall though so hopefully it’s third time lucky after the summer.

I didn’t realise until I started the diary that the daily entries would conclude along with the end of Lent.  I did steal six days at the start but included my Sundays so Easter will have a special feel about it this year.  There’ll be a feeling of accomplishment even if we have another 10 weeks before parking this column.

Otherwise, today hasn’t been a hectic day.  Bit of paperwork, a few articles and one or two other enquiries.  Have some plans for next week which I’ll discuss in one of the weekly entries.  But after everything that’s happened recently, we’ll take a quiet day.  Have some chess to teach.  Chat tomorrow.