Darren’s Diary – Kicking The Habit (Day 28) – Monday, 19th March 2018 


I am sitting in the corner of the sitting room of my mother’s house and the craic is mighty as we celebrate my mother and godmother’s birthdays.  I dare won’t say what age they are celebrating but we had their 60th parties last year so glad to be continuing a tradition 😀 

We’re discussing Facebook Hackers, Evie’s superhero costumes and other stuff.  But myself and Vicky have our bottle of wine – two days after we said it and probably two years after we last had it.

There’s been a chain of private messages flying around about not answering some Fabrizio Bambrella who apparently has a picture of a dog and will hack my facebook account even if a friend answers him.

Now for the life of me, can anyone explain how sending multiple private messages are going to make an iota of difference rather than a proper public message where we can all share and shame.  But that’s just one of the discussions taking place.

Since we chatted last night, went to Sinead’s and finally started making inroads in my attempts to teach Kate chess and draughts.  She’s hammering me in the latter but I still reign in the chess.

This morning was a nice, lazy start before I did my turf work.  Headed back home, watched ‘New Girl’ which I thought was funny (and I was never really a fan 🙂).  And then we headed out for the chaos that is the Kelly Girls when they get together.

The Kelly Girls are my Mum and her five sisters.  I know it’s easy to say that we they are family but they are a legendary group that can make a party fun and lively but they are a loyal group who are helpful to everybody and I think it’s safe to say they thought us all the importance of family.

While I’m writing I’m listening to the chats among everybody.  Julie is talking about cutting down bread and butter at the moment while Mam is speaking proudly about how I’m writing my diary even if she’ll be slagging me about something in a sec.  Think Julie is right – we’re exactly like each other.

Just in case anyone was reading and trying to get through to me.  I took the day off!  Which is very rare.  Did keep an eye on Presentation Athenry and Galway United for the website – two great Galway wins especially Pres Athenry who were 11 points behind before reaching the All-Ireland final.

I work as a commentator so am used to chatting about what’s going on in front of me.  I’m enjoying my own little family  sitcom.  There are 12 of us in the room and we’re only missing Mary and Chris from the Kelly girls.

Julie was been asked about cutting down on cigarettes.  Pat is explaining about resorts in Portugal as we have a wedding there in July.  And Tommy wants to know when the club finals are taking place in camogie.

So, as you can understand, I must wrap up and be social but before I go, I have something to say.


At midnight, I am one month off the cigarettes!!!  Thank you for all the support.  There has been tough days and days I easily would have cracked if I didn’t have anyone to share the experience with.  So, again I say Thank You!  We have 12 more daily entries left so will continue battling on until then.

Anyway, there’s wine to be drank by Vicky and me.  So, if you looking for me, will ring you tomorrow.  A busy week ahead but a well-deserved evening off.  But have family around me so am sure no temptations can knock me off.  Chat later.