Darren’s Diary – Kicking The Habit (Day 22) – Tuesday, 13th March 


Today has been a fairly productive day!  A few headaches aside, the cravings have been minimal and I’ve thundered through work.  As dinner is being made at the moment.  Have to say am in pretty good form. 

It actually is one of those days where there isn’t much to say.  Got home this morning after doing the school run, had a shower, got dressed, went to the office and bar lunch, have been here since.

Manchester United are playing tonight so hoping to see some of it.  But compared to yesterday, I haven’t been threatening to throw coffee cups or smash laptops or anything like that.  Today has been calm.

I hope that’s the case this weekend as I hear snow is on the way again.  It’s like a tease coming every couple of weeks giving us a glimpse of what a permanent winter is like.  It’s not as though we’re blessed with stunning summers here in Ireland so this weather has been irritating.

It won’t annoy me when I’m sitting in a warm office but come Sunday, I’ll be up on the seventh level of the Hogan Stand in Croke Park and will feel every bit of it.  If anyone’s buying me anything next Christmas, I think I’ve hit the stage where thermal clothing is a positive in my life.

We have our preview Friday night in Loughrea so looking forward to that.  Going to be a short segment due to so much been on over the Bank Holiday but we’ll get a lot discussed and enjoy some craic.  At least, the excitement about the two finals can mask over the frustration about the weather.

We finished watching a programme on TV3 last night called ‘Trauma’ and have to say it was very good.  Sinead has a great eye for quality TV (she did introduce me to Game of Thrones after all – in return, I brought her Star Wars 😀) and I do enjoy when she catches something we both like.

I won’t go into explaining the plot as it’s only three episodes and really worth a look.  A guy’s son is stabbed and dies, he blames the surgeon for making a mistake in the operation and then becomes obsessed with that surgeon’s wealth.  It’s well acted and I’d recommend it.

Also watched ‘Red Rock’ as well which is something I usually enjoy.  But they’re now creating drug dealers who can escape car boots under water like some kind of magician’s trick.  Hard to buy but it is a pity Red Rock is coming to an end as it is a very good show.

Tomorrow, we have the final round of the Ballinasloe Senior Club Championships and that’s always an exciting night.  Unfortunately, my chase for silverware ended in the last round but look forward to seeing how emerges.  We had 32 entries this year (our biggest ever) keeping the club in a strong place.

I suppose I couldn’t make the diary ‘exciting’ every day 😀  But it has just been one of those days.  Quietly getting on with things and not having any major episodes.  Usually the mind has one or two themes for discussion but it was an uneventful day.

I’ll find something to go on a rant about tomorrow.  Can’t be lucky twice in succession.  But going to have my dinner now, hopefully a bit of football and a relaxing evening with herself 🙂  Chat tomorrow.