Wednesday – Huun-Huur-Tu at the Róisín Dubh



Wednesday, March 14 @ 8pm

The Róisín Dubh, 9 Dominick St. Upper

Tickets €20


Enjoy a night of traditional throat singing with Huun-Huur-Tu, hailing from the Russian republic of Tuva on the Mongolian border.

Listen to instruments you’ve never heard before such as the igil khomus (Tuvan jaw harp), doshpuluur, and dünggür (shaman drum) mixed with more familiar sounds.

Managing to mimic the sound of everything from a flute to a bird using just their voices, the four-man group has collaborated with musicians like Frank Zappa, The Chieftains, The Kodo Drummers, Johnny Guitar, and the Moscow Art Trio.

Doors are at 8pm and tickets cost €20.