Darren’s Diary – Kicking The Habit (Day 13) – Sunday, 4th March 


It’s the end of an unexpected lazy week and do you know what, am looking forward to getting back to routine tomorrow and getting back into working properly. 

Now, could easily have done that today but after being caught with the cold snap for a few days and a surprise Sunday off, there didn’t seem a point in starting again today when I probably won’t have a free Sunday again for two months.

The first bit of good news is I haven’t had a Nicorette today!  Just the first time since the opening day of this challenge.  I’m not going to make a drastic statement now and say I’m not going to have any more gums again.  There will be more strips!  But it’s a clear today without any help from the cigarettes.

I did have a few cravings today.  A couple of bad ones but none that made me seriously look for an excuse to go outside.  As I said yesterday, I’m feeling like an ex-smoker even if I’m not naïve enough yet to think I’m fully over the line.

The second bit of good news is myself and Sinead didn’t kill each other.  We’ve spent nearly five days in each other’s pockets but we’re still grand.  Had a mini fight with Kate one of the days but otherwise, was a lovely few days and the girls looked after me well.  Augurs well for the future 🙂

My first job tomorrow is bringing Kate to school, the second is visiting Mike’s grave, then home and shower and shave.  The mini beard is starting to appear so needs addressing.  And afterwards, it’s back to work.

It’ll be a fun couple as we try to rearrange around the revised fixtures.  We should know Monday the GAA fixtures and hopefully, Tuesday, the camogie club finals.  Had many articles written about the camogie before it was postponed.  There’ll be lots of articles appearing as soon as we know.

The weather is still going to be a factor but I am scheduled to be in Mullingar Tuesday for the school’s ladies football senior semi-finals.  Great to see Presentation Tuam and Glenamaddy CS on the same card and no doubt, a massive support will be there for both.

Galway play Kilkenny in the league camogie semi-final on Sunday and Dermot and I are heading off to school’s camogie final on Saturday.  And we are also out and about Friday night as well so no rest.

At the moment, I’m watching a five-year-old bounce between two cushions on a couch like it’s a trampoline.  It’s great how children can easily entertain themselves.  Has no relevance to anything we discussed, just put a smile on my face.

The most exertion I had today was playing Championship Manager on my phone.  Like many, it’s a very addictive game but was nice to kill some time.  I just have to make sure I don’t get hooked on it again tomorrow.

Anyway, it’s a short entry tonight as nothing much to tell.  It just feels brilliant to be able say I still haven’t smoked after 13 days.  And I have saved €148!  Before anyone does the maths, I have deleted the price of two strips of Nicorette gum.

If anyone else is off the cigarettes, or considering quitting, I’d love to hear your story and your experiences.  Send me an email (sport@www.galwaydaily.com) if you would like to share the challenges you found difficult and hopefully, the ones you overcame.

Back to work tomorrow and look forward to chatting to you then.