Why Irish Casinos Are Like No Other: The Pros of Online Irish Casinos


Ireland is known for many things – The absolutely wondrous rolling hills and countryside, The incomparable hospitality of the locals and hearty food & drink. But one of the surprising things you may find that is an attraction in Ireland are the online casinos.

Many of the Irish sites that have casino games have a great selection of software for people to enjoy – the same style of quality casino entertainment you’d find in the top tourist towns of Cork, Galway and Dublin. 

Online betting and online casinos have been a hit in Ireland for two decades, with licensed local casino sites and offshore casinos that people can enjoy. One thing players in Ireland must know before they get down to hitting the felt of the poker tables or having a quick spin on their favourite slot are the laws around gambling.

The whole industry has been heavily regulated since 2013, and the Gaming and Lotteries Act received a facelift in 2019, so that is well worth checking out if you want to get a grip on the basics and whether you can play. One of the most critical aspects of this is to make sure you’re of legal age to gamble in Ireland!

After you’ve checked that out, here are a few pros of playing on an online casino site in Ireland:

So What Makes Irish Online Casinos So Good?

It’s super convenient

Whether you’re an Irish citizen or just visiting one of its many beautiful towns and cities, like Galway, one of the biggest draws for online gaming is the sheer convenience it offers. No matter where in Ireland you’re located – from the bustle of the capital to the middle of nowhere, as long as you’ve got an internet connection, you can play.

If you wanted to go down to a land-based casino, you would have to go to all the effort of getting down there, making sure you’re dressed to any requirements for the casino and then, of course, getting back after your session.

With Irish online casinos, these factors are irrelevant – you’re going to be able to play your favourite online casino game at any time and from the comfort of your own home (or anywhere with an internet connection!)

Your favourite games 24/7… in your hand!

Another great thing about online casinos in Ireland is the fact that many of these casinos are mobile-ready and built on HTML5. This technology means all of your favourite casino games will play silky smooth no matter what device you want to play on or how big the screen is.

Updated games and software

If you were to go into a land-based Irish casino, you’d be hard-pressed to see updated machines at the same pace online casinos can update their offerings. Many online casinos will update their games monthly or even weekly, making it incredibly hard to get bored.

Online casinos will also have a much wider range of different games to be played – you’re going to have thousands of different pieces of software, each with its own bonus rounds and animations.

Big Bonuses

Irish online casinos will also come with big bonuses – from amazing welcome packages that reward you with free spins and bonus money to no deposit style bonuses that give you the chance to win when you sign up.

You’ll also be able to get regular promotions at many casinos, giving you plenty of free spins and bonus money when you top up your account balance.

Next Level Privacy & Security

Finally, you’re going to be playing on a totally secure website. Any online casino in Ireland will be fully licensed by the relevant governing body – including two of the most prestigious in the industry – The UKGC (United Kingdom Gambling Authority) and the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA). These agencies put online casinos through strict measures to make sure that they are both fair and secure, putting the players of these casinos first.

Online casinos will also have SSL or Single Socket Layer encryption. This amazing technology is what is used by almost all of the biggest payment processors, financial institutions and banks in the world to keep their sites safe, and means that any details you enter on the site are kept away from any prying eyes!

As you can see, all of these are great reasons as to why Ireland has some of the best online casinos around and players from The Emerald Isle have access to some of the best entertainment around when it comes to casinos.