Online Gaming Is Actually Good For You; Here’s Why


Gaming has gotten a bad rep over the years. Yes, online gaming has opened the door for some bizarre interactions. But it can also be an easy way to make new friends and positively impact your life. And video games aren’t just for the kids. In fact, there are many benefits for adults that you may not have even realised.  

Online gaming is actually good for you in many ways. It increases your hand-eye coordination, trains your brain and can even help with stress relief. But if you’re new to online gaming, what games can you play online?

What Games Can You Play Online?

Most people have played some form of online multiplayer game at some point. The most popular are games such as Call of Duty, Overwatch, Fortnite, and many other first-person shooter games. But there is plenty of other fish in the gaming sea. If you enjoy a casual, classic games sort of atmosphere, Koi-Casino is a great place to start. Steam has an excellent library of AAA and indie games for the beginner. And you could always just choose for the best sellers list. 

The point is that you can play pretty much any game you want online. There’s a vast selection, so you’re sure to find one that suits your tastes and lifestyle. Not convinced? Here are 4 reasons why online gaming is actually good for you.

Train Your Brain

Certain games can even help improve your memory, focus and problem-solving skills. For example, strategic games like Age of Empires or The Sims can help train your brain to think strategically. If you prefer something a little less serious, Candy Crush, Bejeweled and other puzzle games can provide a similar mental workout. By regularly playing these types of games, you can improve your mental agility and sharpen your problem-solving skills. This means playing games like these can help keep your brain active as you age, which can actually help lower your risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s.

Build Social Skills

Playing challenges or multiplayer games can help you practice your social skills in a low-pressure environment. You can play with people worldwide, so you’re less likely to feel intimidated. The best part is that you can still have fun even if you don’t play well. Nobody will criticise you for messing up; they’re just happy you’re there. As a result, playing these types of online games regularly can help you feel more comfortable when it comes time to meet new people in person.

Help With Stress Relief

If you’re stressed, it can be challenging to relax and unwind. Playing games can actually help lower your blood pressure and make you feel less stressed. And puzzle games are known for being relaxing. If you’re looking for something a little more intense, you can play first-person shooter games to get a similar effect. This game requires a lot of concentration and hand movement, which can help you relax. When you’re too stressed, your muscles can tense up and make things worse. So, playing an FPS game for an hour or two can help release your muscles and help you relax.

Hand-Eye Coordination

There aren’t many ways to improve your hand-eye coordination as an adult. However, many jobs require you to have excellent hand-eye coordination. And can improve it by playing video game versions of golf or tennis. People have also noticed improvements in eye health after playing video games. So you can protect your vision while improving your hand-eye coordination. In addition, playing these games can help you develop better reflexes, which can be handy in many day-to-day activities.


As you can see, online gaming is actually good for you. It can help you improve your hand-eye coordination, train your brain, build social skills, help with stress relief and even develop better reflexes. Gaming regularly can also help you get out of the house and meet new people. 

If you’re feeling stressed and need a break, don’t worry about what other people think. Find a game that interests you and get lost in the virtual world. You’ll be glad you did.