Looking at the Future of Online Gaming 2022 and Beyond


The future of online gaming is here. Virtual reality, live streaming and increased player engagement are just some of the ways that online gamers can expect to see their favorite pastimes evolve over the next few years. The increasing trend toward mobile games has created more ways for gamers to play on-the-go, while still allowing them to connect with friends and an ever-growing gaming community.

One of the more interesting changes expected in online gaming is the prevalence of virtual reality (VR) games over the next five years. With more players looking toward mobile for entertainment purposes, VR headsets are seen as the next step in creating a better gaming experience. By meeting this demand, virtual reality is expected to become the most used form of online gaming in 2022.

In addition to VR, competitive skill-based games will continue to thrive as more games take advantage of e-sports and integrated services that allow players and viewers alike to create and share content. These interactive environments are expected to evolve the way that gamers interact, adding a new form of storytelling and social behavior within their games.

Metaverse in the Gaming World

VR is no longer a thing of the future. More and more gamers are availing themselves to the new wave of online gaming that provides an immersive experience unlike any other. In 2022, it’s expected that VR will have become a staple in online games, replacing flat screens as pro players’ tools of choice for tournament play.

In fact, most online tournaments will be hosted completely in VR, allowing gamers to engage more directly with their fellow competitors. The Metaverse is expected to become the new norm as virtual stadiums replace physical venues, and games are viewed by thousands of fans within communal spaces.

As technology advances, website owners are tasked with keeping up-to-date on the newest trends and implementing them on their sites. It’s necessary to make sure that users have the best possible experience when using a site, whether they’re actively browsing or passively glancing at a stream of content.

In this guide, we will explore some of the ways that online gaming is expected to evolve in the next five years. We’ll look at VR technology, mobile gaming, and e-sports, along with other factors that impact what people can expect when they sit down to play bet365 games.

By looking ahead, website administrators will be able to determine whether or not their sites are equipped for the next wave of online gaming.

VR is Changing the Way Online Games are Played

Virtual Reality has been a mainstay in science fiction novels and films since the early 20th century. While actual VR technology had been developed as early as the 1970s, it wasn’t until 2012 that Oculus Rift began offering real-time head tracking to gamers around the world.

The technology became an overnight sensation, and Oculus was soon acquired by Facebook for $2 billion. Since then, proposed virtual reality platforms and devices like Microsoft’s HoloLens and Valve’s SteamVR system have become more advanced than ever before, pushing the boundaries of the possible in online gaming.

While these devices intend to blur the lines between reality and video games, there are still some hurdles to overcome before VR becomes a popular choice for gamers. Google Glass, a head-mounted display similar to the Oculus Rift, was seen as a major step forward in augmented reality technology. 

However, after being discontinued by Google, it became clear that for this type of technology to take off in the gaming world, it has to be affordable and the required hardware accessible.

Currently, there is a gap in what gamers can expect to spend and their expectations of the finished product. Hardware such as headsets, controllers, and gloves need to become more affordable before VR becomes widely adopted in online gaming.

In its current state, many users agree that VR is a novelty, but not a necessity. In the next five years that is expected to change as VR becomes more mainstream and developers begin incorporating it into their games.

VR platforms will become a staple in future tournaments, allowing pro-players to compete face-to-face from the comfort of their own homes. It won’t be long before gamers from across the globe gather inside communal VR stadiums to cheer for their favorite players.


In 2022 it is expected that gamers will have a much different idea as to what constitutes an online gaming tournament. The technologies that exist today are going to radically change the way we play games, and website administrators need to be aware of these changes if they want their sites to stay relevant.

One of the biggest changes in online gaming is due to mobile devices, as they offer new ways for users to interact with their games. They also allow gamers on-the-go access to a world of betting opportunities on their favorite titles.