Galwegians to attend therapeutic all-night sound bath for worthy cause!

sound bath galway for charity

Local sound therapists are coming together this month to bring the first All Night Puja Sound Bath to Galway in aid of Galway Simon Community.

The all-night event will take place on 22 June in 56 Central Restaurant, Shop Street from 11pm until 6.30am the next morning, where attendees will enjoy the ancient practice of sound therapy and be bathed by the harmonic energy of the gongs.

The event is being run by experienced sound therapists, Fiona McDonagh, Norah Coyne, Rach Burke and Puranshant Kaur, who will ensure attendees have a powerful and deeply healing experience while relaxing, meditating or sleeping whilst letting the sounds of the gongs bathe them.

Fiona McDonagh, organiser of All Night Puja Sound Bath is encouraging people to get involved and enjoy the ancient practice of sound therapy.

“The idea for this event came about at an intensive gong training weekend that the four of us attended together. We all have experience with using gongs we’re really excited about this bring this amazing experience to Galway.

“The all night puja sound bath will allow attendees to enjoy the sounds and vibrations of the gongs while their physical, mental and spiritual bodies shift and remove any blockages,” said Fiona.

“We chose to do it for charity because we wish to experience hosting an All Night Sound Bath, just as gong players, not for any financial gain.

“We chose to support Galway Simon Community in particular because those that take part in the event will be indoors, lying down in warm and cosy surroundings.

“We believe that this comfort should be available to everyone, but sadly the this is not the case,” Fiona added.