This interior design company is bringing dreams to life with 3D Visualisations

Galway Daily business Local Interior Design company bringing visions to life with 3D visualisations

One local interior design company is leveraging new technologies to help people bring their vision of a home to life using 3D visualisations.

Architectural Designer and Quality Engineer Magda Walecka and Jacek Staniewski, the owners of Galway Interior Design, have launched an innovative 3D service that is presenting animated interiors and exteriors of buildings, bringing the vision in your mind to life.

“Visuals have become the most important medium to carry information. Static images reflect an idea and have proven to achieve better communication between designers and our clients,” explained Jacek.

He said that this technique is of huge benefit at many stages of the project. Not only do clients love to see what their home or business space will actually look like, but planners, trades people and builders also benefit from having a clear plan and visual in front of them.

Collaboration between Galway Interior Design and wmn architekci

They said they first came to realise home much time, money, and stress 3D animations can save on a project after designing and building their own passive house in Connemara.

We trailed the 3D visualizations on this entire process and really knew from here we needed to bring it into our business for our clients,” Magda said.

“While being in this process of designing and building our own home, it gave us a unique perspective of challenges that our clients might experience. We know that being a functional space, nature compatible, coming in within budget and on time are what our client’s needs.”

They believe that bringing new technologies into Galway Interior Design has helped clients explore their aesthetics and style, and design a space that’s comfortable for them.

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“We help people to define their needs and transform them into feasible design as we did when we built our own house,” Jacek said.

“We really like to focus on simple and useful spaces, nature-compatible designs which doesn’t go away with time but of course without imposing our own style.”

He concluded by saying that it’s important to them that projects are finished on time, and within the budget, which tends to go over well with clients.