Galway tech startup planning major expansion with €1.5 million investment

Galway daily Business Galway startup competing to show it has the most potential in Ireland

The Galway based tech startup CitySwifter is planning a major expansion of its operations in the UK after raising €1.5 million in investment funding.

CitySwifter is a data analytics startup that creates software products to analyse data and make predictions to improve public transport services.

Taking in everything from traffic reports and customer patterns to weather predictions, they can help bus companies optimise their timetables.

Business paper Fora reports that the company is planning ambitious growth of its footprint in the UK after raising €1.5 million from Irelandia Investments, ACT Venture Capital and former CarTrawler chief executive Mike McGearty.

CitySwifter doesn’t have any clients in Ireland right now, but they operate in eight cities in the UK and work with five major public transport companies.

Chief Executive Brian O’Rourke said that this new funding will allow them to build the technical capabilities “to build a scalable enterprise-grade solution throughout the UK”, which will be the company’s focus for the next six months.

Part of that will mean expanding their workforce here in Galway to 40 people this year to handle the extra work.

But there’s more than just the UK ahead for the ambitious startup, which is already looking at entering the UK market.

“The US market is definitely on our radar,” O’Rourke said, adding that CitySwifter already has someone on the ground in New York in anticipation of opening there.