Quirky Galway socks company Irish Socksciety launches its summer collection

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Irish Socksociety Summer 2019. Photo: Julia Dunin Photography

The Galway sock company Irish Socksciety, which has made it’s way into drawers around the world with its Irish humour based socks. is launching their new summer collection.

The sock business which was started in Galway by Joanna and Alex in 2017 has now become a wardrobe staple for so many across Ireland and abroad in Europe and as far as Australia.

In a unique take on coporate marketing, Irish Socksciety has over 50 customised socks for companies and organisations all over Ireland.

“Feedback received from IS clients proves that they find it as invaluable marketing tool and a great piece for a goodie bag. It’s a perfect gift that carries the brand, is practical and fun,” explained Joanna

“They can gift their brand and people then will wear and enjoy the socks. We love this element of our business, seeing a business walking around with one of our designs still gives us a real high.”

With the good weather finally starting to kick off, now is the time they’ve chosen to drop the summer collection, with both short and long line socks on offer.

Irish socksciety socks

As with everything in Ireland its weather permitting which means that this is a year-round business and is certainly not seasonal.

“Christmas is our busiest time of the year and because we have such novel Irish inspired socks we really see occasions like Mothers and Fathers Days,” Alex said.

“Anything GAA or Rugby related will see a massive spike in demand for our sport driven lines and of course our subscriptions are a new way to gift someone month on month, so long after their birthday has passed they are still getting a little treat each month, delivered to their door.”

Irish Socksciety have customised and designed socks for disparate organisations such RTE 2, the Department of Foreign Affairs, Irish Cancer Society, Fat Fox Cafe, Pendo, The Galway Races, Science Gallery, and BrightWind.

And around 50 more businesses throughout Ireland and Northern Ireland including the award winning Tigh Neachtain, Kai restaurant, Hazel Mountain Chocolate, The Blue Note Bar and HubSpot, Sullivan Golf and Travel, and Titan HQ, as well as award winning restaurants in Norway on the international front.

This year they are focusing on creating a summer and winter seasonal lines that will be available to buy separately or by subscription, while still offering custom designs.

Irish Socksciety socks

“A big thing for this year is sustainability. Since the beginning, being environmentally friendly was crucial for us and we are putting and extra focus on it this and future years.”

“We are also working on 2019 edition of Wearable Art Project where we will cooperate with one of the Irish designers on a new pattern.”

The full dazzling array offered by Irish Socksciety can be browsed online at www.irishsocksciety.com where you can also sign up and buy a monthly subscription for you or for someone who loves socks.