Stuck in the middle of a feud in Ros na Rún

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Poor David is caught in between Caitriona + Micheal

John Joe tries to reconcile with Manus, Crystal is looking for a place to live, and David is caught in the middle of a feud in Ros na Rún.

David, much to his despair, finds himself stuck in the middle of a rent war between the feuding Caitríona and Micheal.

Crystal, having been kicked out of the B&B, manages to find a place for her Che and Sonny to live.

John Joe promises to be honest with Manus from now on to try and make amends. But is Manus will to forgive and forget?

Sonia is trying her best to support her and Sam, but will an offer of help from Mack be appreciated as she juggles many responsibilities?

Catch up on all the latest in Ros na Rún in a double feature omnibus on TG4 this Sunday at 7:30pm.