Ros na Rún returns this September as dark plans unfold

Galway Daily television Ros na Rún returns this September as dark plans unfold

“Revenge is a dish best served cold” and the loyal fans of the TG4 drama series Ros na Rún are holding their breath for just how this will play out in the coming season.

Season 27 of Ros na Rún will return to the screen on TG4 on September 6, with dark questions awaiting answers on just what dish will be served up to or by Briain and Tadhg.

Briain, the psychotic narcissist, will stop at nothing to get what he wants, that is, control of Berni and his baby daughter. Berni is petrified and for once she’s going to be relatively happy to have her extreme, crazy and often estranged brother in her corner.

Will Berni get any peace in the days ahead? Will she get to breath and focus on her newborn baby girl without looking over her shoulder wondering what Briain’s next move is? Will Garda Tony and Sargent O Shea have another murder on their hands?

It’s another busy season in the village of secrets, as viewers are sure to experience more intense story lines as the wrath of Briain’s and Andy’s twisted minds play out in the fictional Gaeltacht village.

As well as dramatic and thrilling storylines, Ros na Rún is never without romance and laughter and the village’s true romantic Bobbi Lee was in quite the state at the end of last season.

The beautiful bridezilla in her bridal gown but without her groom, the lovely Niall, will they finally get to tie the knot this season? Bobbi Lee goes in search of the love of her life but what state will she find Niall in and will it be happy ever after for them?

Viewers will find out in the opening episode and Mack won’t be living without some regrets either! Will there be more nuptials in season 27 and will Michael get to place his engagement ring on Laoise’s finger?

This season will bring to the fore the core of loyalty in friendships  and relationships as the fractures of last season between Bobbi Lee and Berni continue to mount with the revelation of who the father of Berni’s baby girl is which rocks Bobbi Lee.

After all that’s gone on between them and with Andy and Briain, is the girls friendship broken completely and can they trust each other again?

Tadhg Ó Direáin will be up to his neck in devious and cunning tactics  yet again in season 27 and he’s eager to be rid of Crystal and Sonny.

Their enterprising and confident nature is not sitting well with Tadhg, not to mention the acute  matter of his land. Crystal’s glamour and flirtatious ways are way too sweet to be wholesome for Mr. Ros na Rún, Tadhg Ó Direáin.

What conniving plan is he about to launch on Sonny Boy and the beautiful Crystal – Tadhg’s Crystal Maze will unfold in season 27!

Ceannfort O’Shea’s stress will not be all confined to the Garda Station as her ex-husband Eric pays Caoilfhionn an unexpected visit which is sure to throw up plenty of drama for both ladies.

“We had a phenomenal response to last seasons story lines,” says series producer Marion Ní Loingsigh. “this season will be no different and our actors and story writers have worked tirelessly to grip our core audience and keep them both enthralled and entertained.”

“From Bobbi Lee and Niall’s wedding disaster to Berni’s trauma with Briain, Andy and Tony, we’ve kept our audience on an emotional rollarcoaster and we’ve lots more to bring to the screen from September which is sure to satisfy TG4 audiences”.