City Council claimed less than half of its walking and cycling funding in 2021

Galway Daily news Galway allocated €15 million for walking and cycling infrastructure

Galway City Council spent less than half of the money allocated to it for cycling and walking projects last year.

The city council claimed €5,571,513 of its funding for walking and cycling measures last year, 47% of the total €11,856,000 allocation, leaving €6,293,487 unspent.

These figures were from Green Party Senator Pauline O’Reilly, who added that the city council applied for one of the lowest allocations in the country this year.

In 2022, Galway City Council has an allocation of just €7,875,000 for cycling and walking projects, lower than any other city in the country.

As of May 20 of this year, just €72,194 of this year’s total had been claimed by the city council.

Senator O’Reilly, who used to be a member of the city council, said “Some Councillors spend their time complaining about the public instead of doing their jobs.”

Galway County Council claimed €4,547,001 of the €6,193,000 allocated to it last year, almost 75% of the total.

For 2022 the county council has been allocated the same amount as Galway City, but this represents an increase on last year, rather than a decline. No figures were available for how much of this has been claimed to date.

Senator O’Reilly said that cars are being overwhelming used in urban and rural areas, due to a long history of putting the focus on them.

“As a result of decades prioritising cars in Ireland, many people in both rural and urban areas feel they have no option but to drive, even for short journeys.”

She said that since the Green Party has joined the government, total investment in walking and cycling has gone up from €45 million in 2019, to €289 million nationally this year.