Problems keep piling up for Sonny’s property ambitions

Galway Daily television Problems keep piling up for Sonny's property ambitions

Problems pile up for Sonny and Crytal’s property ambitions, Réailtín wants the money her mother left her, and Rory wants the truth told in Ros na Rún.

Crystal is keen to impress one of their investors but Sonny insists she keep him well away from where they intend on building the retirement village.

He faces a knotty problem in the way of construction. Will he find a way to pluck this weed, or will it spell the end of his ambitions?

Rory intends on telling Sadie what kind of man Malachaí really is. Will he get the opportunity?

Réailtín, knowing well what Micheál and Laoise are up to, plays them at their own game.
She wants access to the money her mother left her, will the two regret trying to stop her from getting it?

Noreen is surprised that John Joe is so open and honest with O’Shea. But she soon discovers that this is not the case when she mentions Manús. How will O’Shea react?

Catch up on all the latest drama and secrets in Ros na Rún in a double feature omnibus on TG4 this Sunday.