Relationships are tested and wisdom dispensed in Ros na Rún


Personal drama of every stripe abounds in Ros na Rún this week as relationships are tested, wisdom is dispensed, and tempers are soothed.

Mo has one drink too many at her hen, and ends up in a smooch, but it’s not with her fiancé. Who has Mo kissed.

Tadhg is trying his best to make up with Áine. Áine softens and agrees to play camogie again, but on one condition. What is this condition?

John Joe is angry at Mo’s betrayal after she attends Pádraig’s pop up night.

A word of warning from another makes John Joe realise he needs to stop pushing people away; it’s not going to get Katy out any sooner. But who offers John Joe these words of wisdom?

Laoise puts on a happy façade but Micheál knows she is not herself.

Bobbi Lee questions Laoise on what is wrong and Laoise opens up. What advice will Bobbi Lee give Laoise?

Ros na Rún broadcasts at 8:30pm on TG4 each Tuesday and Thursday, with a double feature omnibus on Sundays.