Hospitals to receive ‘Menu of Poems’ selected by Galway poet

galway daily news menu of poems editor rita ann higgins

A ‘Menu of Poems’ will be given to hospital wards, waiting rooms and other healthcare settings next Thursday to celebrate Poetry Day Ireland.

The poetry was selected by Galway poet Rita Ann Higgins, who was also asked to include a poem of her own.

Menu of Poems is distributed every year to healthcare users in a range of healthcare settings, including UHG, Merlin Park Hospital and Portiuncula Hospital.

The anthology includes poems by Catherine Ann Cullen (children’s poem ‘Eliza Analyser’), Martina Evans’ poem ‘Gazebo’, Imelda May’s poem ‘Stargazer’, and Rita Ann Higgins’ poem ‘Lucky Mrs Higgins’.

Rita Ann Higgins said that it is not unusual to reach for poems at a time of crisis or distress, and sometimes poems are all we have to get us over the tough times.

“Selecting poems for this project was a great pleasure, she said.

“It made me take down the books I had not read for a while. It was like meeting old friends. In the end the selection made me feel warm and grateful for the powerful voices of Cullen, Evans and May, may the creative force stay with them.”

The poets involved have also recorded the poetry, and it will be available at

The Menu of Poems is also available to anyone working in a healthcare facility to print and distribute in their own locations.