Week’s Weather: Met Eireann says cloudy skies but staying dry

Galway Daily weather Falling temperatures and weekend rain mark weather for rest of the week

Met Eireann are forecasting cloudy skies throughout the week, but the weather is to stay mostly dry in Galway until Friday.

Tonight’s weather will see the sun give way to more overcast skies with moderate northerly winds running fresh to strong along the coast.

Lowest temperatures tonight of 8 to 10 degrees.

The sun will show her face for brief spells on Wednesday but skies will stay clouded. Highest temperatures of 15 – 16 degrees in the late afternoon.

There will be one some scattered showers in the early hours of Thursday, but the overall picture will stay mostly dry and overcast.

Expect the Mercury to drop with temperatures ranging from 11 – 13 degrees.

Met Eireann is forecasting the dry spell to end on Friday with rain starting in the early morning and continuing on until late in the evening.

The weekend will remain unsettled with scattered showers and sunny spells breaking through as well.