Sunshine forecast this weekend but Galway will be 10°C cooler than Dublin

Galway Daily weather Falling temperatures and weekend rain mark weather for rest of the week

Sunday will be the warmest day of the year so far in Dublin and other parts of the East, with plenty of sunshine forecast and temperatures expected to reach a toasty 26 degrees.

But while the weekend will be relatively bright in Galway with some sunny spells, it will be nowhere near as warm, with high temperatures in the West mostly remaining in the mid to late teens.

Met Éireann says that Saturday afternoon will see some sunshine developing, with the best of the sun in east Galway as it continues mostly cloudy in the west.

Highest temperatures will reach just 16 degrees in parts of Connemara, while temperatures may rise to 20 degrees in the east of the county.

Sunday will be much cooler and slightly cloudier in the west than in other parts of Ireland, with afternoon temperatures again in the mid to high teens. But it should remain mostly dry and there will be decent spells of sunshine in parts of the county.

Showers will develop across Connacht on Sunday evening and showery rain will move into in the West.