Status Yellow Gale Warning in effect for western coastal waters

Galway Daily weather Weather warning for heavy winds to hit Galway this weekend

A marine weather warning is in effect for coastal waters in the west and around all of Ireland today.

Met Eireann has issued status yellow Gale Warning for all coasts and the Irish Sea for today.

Southerly winds will reach gale force 8 throughout the day according to the marine warning, which will be in effect until midnight.

In Galway today the weather is expected to be mainly overcast, with rain becoming more persistent later in the day, turning heavy at times.

Together with the marine warning, strong southerly winds are forecast in Galway today, reaching gale strength in coastal areas.

Highest temperatures today of 13 degrees celcius.

Friday will also start off rainy and overcast, with outbreaks of rain, persistent at times, during the morning.

It will become drier headed into the afternoon, with some sunny spells in places.

Winds will start of strong on Friday, reaching gale levels in some coastal areas, but will gradually weaken and veer westerly as the day progresses.

Average temperatures forecast for Friday are 12-13 degrees.