Status Red marine warning issued for Storm Jorge

Galway Daily weather Orange Warning: Stormy seas forecast for the west coast

The west coast of Ireland is forecast to get hammered by Storm Jorge (Hor-hay) throughout the weekend, with a Status Red marine warning issued by Met Eireann.

Galway is likely to see further flooding this weekend, both coastal and rain induced, as Storm Jorge brings heavy winds and rains.

This marine alert is the latest warning issued by Met Eireann, joining a status yellow rainfall and status orange wind warning issued for Galway.

Southwest gale force 8 to strong gale force 9 winds will develop tonight on Irish Coastal Waters from Mizen Head to Slyne Head to Rossan Point.

Winds will veer westerly Saturday morning and increase to Storm Force 10 and occasionally Violent Storm Force 11.

On Saturday west to southwest Gale Force 8 to Storm Force 10 winds will extend to all Irish Coastal Waters and the Irish Sea going into the afternoon.

A Status Yellow rainfall alert came into effect at midnight last night, with Galway expected to receive 30mm of rain over the next two days, possibly up to 50mm in mountainous areas.

This poses a severe flooding risk at the time when the county is already saturated and the rivers and bursting their banks.

An Orange level wind alert will come into effect at 6am on Saturday in Galway, Mayo, Clare, and Kerry.

Winds of 80km/hr and gusts reaching up to 130km/hr can be expected throughout Saturday, with a possibility of coastal flooding.