Settled weather to continue with higher temperatures than Madrid forecast

Galway Daily weather Sunny spells bookened by showers this weekend

Dry, settled conditions will continue until this weekend with temperatures remaining in the mid-teens for most of the week.

Met Eireann says that clearer, mainly dry conditions will extend gradually from the north throughout this afternoon with the cloud clearing for brighter spells.

While a few scattered showers are possible, temperatures will be higher in Galway than in the Spanish capital today and tomorrow, reaching 15 degrees in places.

After a cold, dry night, tomorrow (Wednesday) will be mainly dry and bright, with sunny intervals throughout the day. Tempreatures could reach 14 to 15 degrees again, with light brezzes.

Thursday and Friday will see little change, with Friday being the sunnier of the two days and as for the weekend, Saturday should remain dry but there is a chance of showers on Sunday.