Met Eireann issues potato blight warning

Galway Daily news

Met Eireann has issued a nationwide blight warning for next week with scorching temperatures expected.

The status yellow environmental warning says that early next week will see weather conditions conducive to the spread of potato blight.

High temperatures this weekend are set to get hotter still next week topping 20 degrees according to Met Eireann.

On top of that heavy rain is forecast to come in tomorrow as well, though that’s not going to knock the mercury down much.

The national forecaster said that the humid conditions could see the spread of potato blight, particularly in coastal areas.

Temperatures tonight will range between 16 and 18 degrees though staying dry.

The weather will take a turn before midday Sunday with heavy rain setting in and bring temps back down to 14 to q5 degrees.

But when that rain passes on Monday expect the heat to return with a vengeance by mid afternoon.

Potato blight is caused by a fungus called Phytophthora infestans that spreads through the air and thrives in humid weather.

Its symptoms include patches of brown freckles on leaves with a yellowish border, dark patches on tubers, and potatoes rotting into soggy masses.