Galway records Ireland’s hottest temperatures this year

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The hottest temperatures in Ireland so far this year have been measured in Galway today as the country enjoys a blazing Saturday afternoon.

At Athenry this afternoon, temperatures of 28 degrees have been recorded as of 3pm this afternoon, the highest in the country, though only by fractions of a degree.

Things are a little bit cooler out on the coast of Galway, with Mace Head observation station reporting 21 degree sun this fine weekend.

Galway has been enjoying almost uninterrupted clear skies this afternoon, perfect beach weather.

Though some people might be happier if there was just a wisp of wind to take the edge of the heat, as Met Eireann has reported no more than very light variable breezes so far today, but they are expected to get a bit stiffer tonight.

Overall, the sunshine is expected to continue well into next week, with temperatures in the mid to high 20s currently forecast to continue to next Friday at least.

The forecast is for a mix fair skies, turning cloudier from Thursday, but no rain and only light winds are expected.

The current forecast for next week expects the weather to break on Friday, with more rain forecast for the following weekend.

This will bring the mercury down somewhat, but temperatures are expect to remain hovering around the high teens to 20 degrees.