Sunshine and high temperatures forecast for Galway

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The miserable weather is set to make way for much more pleasant conditions in Galway over the weekend and into next week.

Temperatures will reach 22 or 23 degrees in the last week of June, with decent spells of sunshine expected throughout the week.

Tomorrow (Friday) will be a cooler day with a good deal of cloud and some sunny spells. It will be mainly dry with just isolated showers in the morning, and highest temperatures will be 13 to 16 degrees.

Saturday and Sunday will be warmer with cloudy spells as well as some sunshine. High temperatures will be around 20 degrees in Galway over the weekend – but the new week promises more sunshine and warmer temperatures.

There will be decent spells of sunshine on Monday, which will be mostly dry and warmer than the weekend, with high temperatures between 18 to 23 degrees.

The early forecast for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday next week is also promising, with sunshine and temperatures in the low to mid twenties expected in Galway.