Coman Goggins

Former Dublin footballer Coman Goggins believes Galway need to make changes to their game plan to give them a chance of seriously competing for All-Ireland silverware in 2018. 

The 2001 All-Star likened the Tribesmen’s current status to Jim McGuinness’ Donegal before they went on to win the Sam Maguire Cup in 2012.

“If Kevin Walsh is sitting down and looking at his game-plan,” said Goggins to Brian Barry on “Saying ‘we have this right to here, but now we need to bring that on a little bit in terms of our attacking style of play’.

“If you think back to Jim McGuinness and that infamous semi-final in 2011 where Dublin beat Donegal 0-08 to 0-06. They had the defensive piece right, and they probably struggled with the attacking piece. They went back and tweaked it and suddenly they’re All-Ireland champions.

“For Galway I’d say ‘this is our chance, this is our year, so let’s try and hone that a small bit to try and maximise our chances when we get them.’

“That guy (Damien Comer) on the ball more, one-on-one is ultimately what you want to get. If you have the Shane Walshes backing that up and guys coming from deep to support those runs that he’s making, now you’re starting to make inroads, and no team, Dublin nor anyone else, likes to be run at.

“I think Galway need to do more of that, gets teams turned, and if they can do that, they certainly give themselves a chance. Damien Comer on the ball is well able to do that.”

Galway meet Sligo in the 2018 Connacht Senior Football Semi-Final on Sunday, 3rd June.  Throw-in at Pearse Stadium is 3.30pm.