GALWAY GAA: “I Could Hear Him In Real Pain” – EOGHAN KERIN 

Galway vs Sligo

Galway defender Eoghan Kerin thought nothing of the challenge initially that ended Tom Parsons’ season for Mayo but has been in contact to wish him well. 

Parsons came down badly on his knee in the Connacht Football Championship clash between the two counties on May 13th and will miss the full year as he has to go for a second operation.

“I thought nothing of it initially,” said Kerin to’s Cian O’Connell at the announcement of AIB’s five-year extension to their All-Ireland Football Championship sponsorship. 

“It was only when I got up off the ground, I could hear him in real pain. You could hear him screaming on the ground. In fairness to Conor Lane, he stopped the game straight away.

“I was the one that was directly involved. I was the one under his knee. It was just really innocuous. I just dived down on the ball and I think it was whatever way his leg was planted, it was just unlucky more than anything.

“I popped him a text on the Monday night just to wish him well. I think a lot of the other lads did as well, Army (Sean Armstrong) and Damo (Damien Comer) and I think a lot of the lads just touched base, more or less to just say best of luck with the recovery.

“Look it’s not nice to see. I think it took the sting out of the game. The game was held up for a good while. Tom seems like a real gentleman so it wasn’t nice to see him on the ground and in real pain as well.

“But I think the procedures have gone pretty well, so I’d like to wish him well in the recovery as well.”

Galway meet Sligo in the Connacht Senior Football Semi-Final this Sunday (3rd June).  Throw-in in Pearse Stadium is 3.30pm.