After the success of our Galway Daily All-Stars opening twitter rounds of voting, we have decided to do something big this week and ask our followers to help us decide who is ‘Galway’s Greatest Hurler.’ 

It’s a debate that rages from bar and clubhouse across the county with different opinions and many arguments spawning from trying to determine who is the best wearer of the maroon and white jersey.

The class of 1987 and 1988 had many contenders including Sylvie Linnane, Conor Hayes, Pete Finnerty, Tony Keady, Joe Cooney and Brendan Lynskey.  Before them, John Connolly, Sean Silke and Iggy Clarke were lauded for their displays.

The current All-Ireland champions have performers like David and Daithi Burke, Gearoid McInerney and Joe Canning.  While greats never to get a Celtic Cross include Kevin Broderick, Ollie Canning, Joe Rabbitte and Eugene Cloonan.

And don’t forget solid workers who quietly did their business like Pat Malone, Steve Mahon and Michael Coleman.  And also the breakthrough stars of 1923 like Mick Kenny and Leonard McGrath.  The list is endless and it might be none of the above.  Maybe there’s a gem we haven’t realised among our field of superstars ready to go to post.

So, how are we going to work this out?  Galway Daily have selected 108 players to be reduced to the final four over as many days and we will have four rounds of 18-hour twitter polls to decide the overall winner.

Our format for selecting was (1) 2017 starting team, (2) All-Stars, (3) All-Ireland winners, (4) League Winners, (5) Wild Cards until we got past the 100 mark.  There’s no fool proof method in picking the starting line-up but we hope we’ve all our angles covered.

Round One will consist of 27 groups of four players with 56 qualifying (top two in each group plus two best third placed players based on percentage gained).  Any ties will be decided by the Galway Daily adjudicating panel.

Round Two on Tuesday will see 14 groups of four players with 16 advancing (the winners and two best runners-up).

Round Three on Wednesday will have four groups of four with the winners advancing to Thursday’s final.  A random draw has sorted the opening day polls but the percentage gained will see the participants in the subsequent rounds.

So, it’s simple!  Go on to our Twitter page and vote for your favourite.  We’d hope you would like our page as well.  And follow our reports every day until we learn who the Galway Daily followers have decided is Galway’s Greatest Hurler.