Final of Galway 2017 U21 hurling championship taking place a year behind schedule

Galway Daily news

The 2017 Galway U21 hurling final will at long last take place right at the tail end of 2018.

Due to planning and scheduling issues, the competition ran some 12 months behind schedule.

The County Board decided to reschedule the competition for this October after failing to run it off last year.

Matches continued through November, and now the final will take place this Saturday, December 15.

Liam Mellows will face off against Turloughmore, with several members of Turloughmore’s squad also playing on the 2018 U21 side.

That side progressed last weekend to the A1 final fixed for Sunday, January 13.

The semi-finals of the 2018 U21 A hurling championship are also taking place this weekend, so it’s likely that won’t finish up until 2019.

The A tier aren’t the only one who missed out last year as the U21 B championship didn’t finish up until November 25.

Part of the reason for this overrun was a decision by the clubs not the start these competitions in the springtime, as had been the way before.