Galway Races weather forecast

galway daily races weather

With the Galway Races getting underway today, many people are wondering what the odds are of a bit of sunshine this week.

Unfortunately, the chances of long periods of blue skies and sunshine are low, but it’s not all bad news.


Later this afternoon will be mostly cloudy with some brighter spells possible. There is also a risk of some light rain after 8pm but on the whole it will remain dry.


Tomorrow (Tuesday) will be  cloudy throughout the afternoon but it should stay dry. Temperatures will hit around 17 degrees in the late afternoon.


Wednesday will be a dry day with some brighter spells during the afternoon. Afternoon temperatures are expected to be around 19 degrees and the sun will appear later in the evening.


It will be much the same on Thursday, starting bright and gradually becoming cloudier as the day goes on. It will be dry with temperatures of 19 degrees in the afternoon and like Wednesday, it is expected to brighten up in the evening.


Early indications are that Friday will be another day with clouds and bright spells. It should stay dry and it will be slightly warmer with temperatures climbing into the early 20s.