Bad weather blocks cruise ship from Galway

Galway Daily news Cruise ship unable to dock in Galway

A cruise ship with just under 300 passengers was unable to dock in Galway yesterday due to poor weather conditions.

The Silver Wind cruise ship was due to arrive in Galway in the early hours of Friday, but was unable to tender because of the weather.

The Port of Galway said on their twitter feed yesterday that the Silver Wind sheltered in the lee of Black Head after being unable to dock.

The Silver Wind is a small cruise ship operated by Silversea Cruises, a luxury cruise line.

The ship entered service in 1995 and is the second ship of her class, the first being her sister ship Silver Cloud, in service since 1994. She can accommodate 294 guests

The cruise liner is now headed to Greenrock in Scotland.

There is one more cruise liner coming to Galway this month, the MV Artania operated by German travel agency Phoenix Risen, with 537 passengers.

Another three are scheduled to stop here in September.

The Port of Galway is working on plans for a massive expansion that would, among other improvements, allow it to accommodate larger cruise ships.


photo credit: Bob Adams