Watch | Hildegarde Naughton’s Dáil speech on the 8th Amendment

hildegarde naughton dáil speech

Hildegarde Naughton TD said in the Dáil yesterday that the Eighth Amendment referendum has taught politicians valuable lessons.

She said: “I think we in this house need to learn a valuable lesson from this referendum. The lesson is not to dismiss every suggestion that arises because of some intrinsic bias that we hold.

“The lesson is to listen more and speak less.

“The lesson is to gather and analyse the evidence and respond accordingly.

“That is exactly what happened in this particular case and look what has happened.”

The Fine Gael TD credited the citizens of Ireland for the Yes result – especially the women who have worked towards repealing the 8th amendment for decades.

She also thanked those who told their own personal and intimate stories during the campaign.

Watch Hildegarde Naughton‘s full speech below.